Holiday Card Exchange (3): Group Cards

Christmas is great, but everybody knows a bit about it.


    Hurray, we will have some 150 individual cards made by our students…but wait a second, this is not just an assignment imposed upon us. This is among the coolest international education projects. We can make better use of it.

    So this gives birth to the second task of Holiday Card Exchange in ZWHS: a group card.  Let’s have a bigger one that brings more joy to our international partners!

    Then it strikes me that one of the fundamental goals of international education is to enhance local identity and global awareness. So students are divided into groups of four, and each group has to produce a group card that introduces a specific Taiwanese festival of their choice!

    This is incredible! Most people know about Christmas, how many know about Chinese Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day? Let’s encourage our students to dig deep into our traditional roots, and share these special Taiwan customs with the world!

    Again, our students shock me with their brilliant works. Check here for more photos.

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