Holiday Card Exchange (2): Individual Cards

“How many of you can introduce yourself in English? That few? I don’t think so.”


    Thus this conversation kicked start the first task of Holiday Card Exchange—an individual card for greeting and blessing.

    Now that this program takes place around Christmas, a sacred holiday for warmth and caring, it is certainly a good idea to share with our partners something about us as well as our sincerest blessing. Sounds good, but will the students feel equally happy about this idea? Remember, many of them simply HATE writing! Will their reluctance hinder the program?

    The worry turns out to be unnecessary.

    Our students are THRILLED upon knowing they are going to introduce themselves to our international partners around the globe. So here comes the rule: an individual card for greeting and blessing, hand-made preferred, and of course, nothing vulgar.

    Simple rules, huh? Yet our students’ works are stunningly awesome.

    Check here for these amazing individual cards.

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